Smart Meals Africa




  • Monthly Donations
  • Companies donate a percentage of their monthly profits as their Corporate Social Responsibilty
  • Ad-hoc Donations such as fundraising events.
    • these are not consistent and therefore are made up into meals and spread across Smart Meals Africa’s beneficiaries


  • Partnerships: Shop owners sell the meals on our behalf. This does not cost them a cent and the the ditributuion area is increased. *
  • Direct purchasing: Friends, family, churches and schools purchase the bags directly from Smart meals, either for their own consumption or in the case of charities and churches, to distribute among their own people in need. *
*proceeds from these sales go back into making up meals to donate on an ad-hoc basis. These sales also cover distribution costs and packing fees.

Consumer/ Retail Avenues

Smart Meals Africa’s priority is to feed those in need.

Whereas initially, we operated solely as a charity in that we relied on donations and other charities and churches buying the meals. We came to realize that the meals are incredibly versatile and can be used in all walks of life. As a result of covid-19, the economy has suffered and there are many, many more people needing assistance.

What would Suit you best?

  • Become an individual monthly donor– this is tax deductible (direct deposits only) as we are recognized by SARS as a Public Benefits Organization. 
  • Do you own your own company? Corporate Social Responsibility in the form of identifying your own charities, or donating directly to Smart Meals Africa
  • Become a partner and sell on our behalf.